Sunday, June 24, 2012


The enquiry in England is not whether a man has talents, genius, but whether he is passive, polite, a virtuous ass, obedient to noblemen's opinions in art, science. If he is, he is a good man. If not, he must be starved - William Blake

Security took Lord Muck up to the ladies quarters and led him to a small dark room, with a hole at the end of which they then forced his head through, so that only his head was sticking out the other side. As soon as Lord Muck's head was though the hole, the brits then released a heavy piece of timber down round his neck, so there was no way Lord Muck could take his head out again and he was now trapped on the other side of the wall. The Queen's security then walked away leaving him there in pain from the whipping, to look around the new prison he created as a result of a lifetime of arselicking which he was now trapped in. He noticed his head was almost directly over the ladies toilet hole, so he would have to stare at the arses of the Queen's ladies on the toilet, as they dropped shit and piss down below, with his mouth and nose just millimeters from their arses. He could barely hear voices begging for mercy from far below in the toilet hole, which sounded like the poor slaves, forced to spend their miserable lives imprisoned, cold, hungry and covered in shit, in the darkness of a dungeon below, while he would lick arses clean, sitting comfortably on a toilet seat shitting down on top of them.

He was soon interrupted by someone opening the toilet door, which was a pretty young woman who walked up to the toilet. She had a rich silk dress with gemstones and blond hair braided, making a crown on the top of her head. She lifted up her long dress and pulled down her knickers and sat in front of Lord Muck's face and shat. The weak cries of the slaves started again from far below, as shit was landing right on top of them. The smell of shit from her arse made him slightly sick and he was sickened realizing it wouldn't be long now, before he would be forced to lick clean her dirty, filthy arse. She lifted herself off the seat and bent over directly in front of his mouth and moved her filthy arsehole to his tongue that now protruded. His lifetime's habit of arselicking had led him to the point of no choice but to put his tongue between her arse and lick the foul tasting shit around her arsehole, which was now directly on top of his face.

The  arsebiscuits he licked out, initially forced him to swallow and made him start gagging but he forced it down knowing he would be unmercifully whipped, if she caught him spitting it out. He licked her clean for what seemed like for ever, until she was fully satisfied that he did his job properly.She stood up, pulled her knickers back up, fixed her dress and then arrogantly walked out of the toilet door leaving Lord Muck with his head locked though the wall, with a horrible smell of the young woman's shit, still in his nostrils with the awful taste of her shit still inside his mouth unable to wash it out. The unfortunate Lord Muck had hardly any time to recover, as he watched the toilet door loudly swing open and there in the doorway, in a long velvet dress, with a gold crown was the queen herself. She walked into the room followed behind by two ladies in waiting and crawling further behind them on their hands and knees naked, except for a small white loincloth, with whip marks on both their backs were two pathetic starved slaves. The queen walked up to the toilet, turned around as her two maids lifted up her long dress, so she could sit on the toilet. She ordered one of her slaves to lie down at her feet, so she could use him as a footrest, as she sat on the toilet to relieve herself. Once again faint groans started up from slaves locked down in the dungeon, as they begged for mercy in vain but the queen completely ignored them, as she dropped her shit and piss directly on top of their heads.

Lord Muck watched the Queen whom he had come to shake hands with on behalf of the Irish working class, sitting there, waiting for the moment she finished and would use his tongue to clean herself, very aware of her vindictive streak of enjoying a slave being whipped in front of her, so he was very careful with his well practiced lifetime of timing his arselicking correctly. He had heard about an incident of a starving slave who overcome with hunger, decided to sneak in to the royal kitchen to steal some food but he was spotted by one of the royal cooks who went and told the queen immediately. The Queen flew into a rage and decided as an example to have the slave hung up, while his feet were just off the ground in the courtyard beside the outdoor dining table, so that along with the other royal ladies, she could have entertainment while eating. She told two of her young maids to take turns whipping his bare back, until she told them to stop. She then told them that whichever of them whipped the slave the hardest, would receive gold, which unfortunately for the slave made them both try to outdo each other. After hours of whipping the poor slave with his back bleeding from relentless whipping by the young maids and his throat sore from screaming for mercy for hours, the queen finally told them to stop, while her royal companions relaxed, eating and drinking beside him at their dining table. The queen then ordered that he remain strung up by his wrists beside the dining table for the next four days, without any food or water while the queen left a whip on the table beside him, so that any of the royal females walking past in the courtyard, could whip him for entertainment, which most of them did, as they were Gotha. So the punishment that might await Lord Muck, should he not clean the queen's arse properly, sent a wave of fear though the royal arse licker's beaten Londonderry body. (to be continued)

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