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The IRA At Windsor Castle

3 days ago 
Emotions run high as former IRA commander

 is welcomed to royal banquet

The Royalist has been rather distracted of late by events in the Southern Hemisphere, however back home in the UK there's been a historic first -  a state visit to the UK by the Irish president, Michael D Higgins, and the first minister of Northern Ireland, the former IRA commando Martin McGuinness.
McGuinness is widely believed to have a senior member of IRA staff when the Mullaghmore bombing which killed Prince Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was planned and executed in 1979. 

Something drunk old irish priests say
Father Ted: "Would you like some more tea, father?"
Father Jack: "ARSE BISCUITS!"
by Chris "Kreejo" JJ September 23, 2006
 227  86
originated from "father ted", often used in conjuction with the phrase bum-flaps
Oh bloody arse biscuits.
serves u right for being such a bum-flap.
by jimbo jones June 18, 2004
 76  18
An arse biscuit is usually an insult, it basically translates as your the piece of shit, hanging from someones arse hair, thats gone crusty like a biscuit! Usually a word to insult a man, as women dont tend to get arse hair!
Your a fuckin arse bisuit
by Bobina July 05, 2005
 116  64
A form of belligerent disagreement to a statement (see also "Bollocks!")
"I think Everton are going to win" 

by Polecat Pete December 10, 2003
 48  13
An exclamation of annoyance
Arsebiscuits, I'm completely fucked it up
by Someone who should know better April 01, 2003
 40  17
An exclamation to erm exclaim when something does not go well.
Arse Biscuits! That landed on my foot!

Arse Biscuits! I failed my exam!
by wonderbra676 February 20, 2007
 33  13
Noun; meaning Turd, the plural; "Arse Biscuits!" is most often heard as an expletive.
(Upon hitting hand with hammer) "Arse Biscuits!"
by Steve Bush March 16, 2004
 59  45
clagnuts, hairy raisins. dangleberries
the accumulation of faeces around the anus, matted into the pubic hair. can often only be hanging on by a single thread of pube.
by woodpidgeon September 19, 2003
 30  17
Arsebiscuit- a particularly strong exhaust of anal effluvium. Also used when said fart has gone seriously awry.
Also used to describe an individual, and an exclamation of general distaste.
"Clear the elevator! This guys just dropped an arsebiscuit!!!!"


"Jeez, I drank so much guiness last night, I farted and dropped an arsebiscuit- right in the pub!"
"Nah, Oreo...."

"That dude is a total ARSEBISCUIT" 
by edchef July 05, 2006
 13  6
turd or shit. As a plural, arse-biscuits indicates strong disbelief in the sentiment just expressed.
Husband: damn that arse-biscuit is redder than a motherfucker.
Wife: yes, perhaps a trip to the infirmary is in order?

Person1: Canadian football is superior since, with only 3 downs, there is more of an emphasis on a passing game.
Person2: Arse-biscuits!
by Trayfern August 29, 2013
 0  0
A delicous biscuit made from only from the finest ground arses.
That was a lovely arsebiscuit
by anonymous August 07, 2002
 9  10
Originates from an acient Mongowian curse.

Means; dried up poo-poo.
I must be really dehydrated, I left a ruddy great arsebiscuit in the loo!
by jason April 13, 2004
 4  6
biscuit-shaped poo. Commonly occurs after playing scrabble. Also can be used as an insult for someone who is not clever.
Oi, you arsebiscuit!
by Monkey January 08, 2005
 3  8
Rather hard shit.
I must eat more Weetabix: I was shitting arsebiscuits this morning.
by Keith Gaughan August 20, 2003
 15  26
A single link of faeces from the arse
Jon squatted and dropped an arsebiscuit
by David Callaghan December 19, 2002
 0  11
a conjunction of two offensive words to make an apparntly unoffensive word.
"oh arsebiscuits kafelnikov beat me agian bastard!"
by Sal T nuts March 06, 2004
 5  22
A variation of the term 'hemeroids'

A slang term for naming something as ugly

A term in place of 'Damn!'
"Look at my arse biscuits"

"You are an arse biscuit!"

by SCHIZENHOWER June 08, 2009
 7  28
Something that is completely pants much like biscuits made from anal seepage.
This website is complete arse biscuits.
by Bumfist Pendulum June 21, 2003
 11  32
what an athlone donkey farms DONKEY would deposit on the ground after a big feed of hay.
example is just right
by December 03, 2003
 4  26
Can be used either as an expletive when something is amiss, or, in response to someone else's complaining conversance to yourself instead of using the phrase "hard luck" or perhaps more accurately in this case, "tough sh*t".
by Purple Triangle March 13, 2003
 7  34
Another name for a turd
by Freak January 19, 2003
 8  36
a large chocolatey coloured poo that looks remarkable like a yummy biscuit
You should have seen the arse biscuit I just fed the toilet!
by J Nesbitt December 03, 2003
 17  47
Can be used instead of something like numpty
"He's such an arse biscuit"
by M December 09, 2004
 4  35
a really annoying person
do you have to be such an arse biscuit?
by Loren Burton November 07, 2003
 8  42