Tuesday, June 19, 2012

London 2012 Olympics : Breaking News ; DIRTY NUKE SECRET BOMBSHELL !


Before the London 2012 Olympic site area was built, it was a nuclear waste dump. Much of this news has like major events in British Occupied Ireland, been censored. SEVEN THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED TONS of radioactive material have been buried about 200 meters north of the Olympic Stadium. The proven liars of the British Government, lie when they say it will be safe for a thousand years just as Hitler lied, when said his Reich would be around a thousand years.
The British authorities have known that the radioactive waste was buried in the Olympic Park but only now after considerable censorship has been overcome, has the seriousness of  the problem become public. Official documents show more than 7,000 tonnes of nuclear waste have been found, with much more to come. More than 7,300 tonnes is currently in a poorly constructed radioactive storage room, built in the bridge to the Olympic Park. Olympic Delivery Authority contractors claim, that the waste in the storage unit should be safe but an expert says that everyone involved with the Olympics in London, including spectators will be nuked with some to die horrible deaths. The British Government and Olympic bosses are involved in a huge cover-up, just like their censorship of torture and human rights abuses in British Occupied Ireland that includes internment without trial.
Doctor Chris Busby, an expert on radiation has said, that the radioactive material will be extremely hazardous.Dr Busby also emphasized that the data on radioactive material in the Olympic Park shows a radiation signature that, “suggests that the contamination is from significant levels of uranium. This should be considered to be a serious alpha and photoelectron emitter inhalation hazard.” A lot of the radioactive waste has been found in the the main stadium itself which includes radium, polonium, and thorium as well as uranium. The greedy rush to make money and meet Olympic deadlines, resulted in an inadequate survey, as the radioactive nuclear material was only found after contaminated material had been accidentally unearthed.

Many international teams concerned with their athletes health and welfare are considering withdrawing from the London 2012 Olympics. The revelations are ironic in the sense that many security experts off the record, are expecting a nuclear attack on the London 2012 Olympics anyway. Many locals have moved homes out of the area, because of nuclear fears and advice from experts on extremely high levels of radiation.

It is not clear if there is insurance cover for the many thousands of expected casualties from radiation at London 2012 Olympics. Besides the nuclear cloud hanging over London 2012 Olympics, it has been plagued by a boycott threat because of London's savage human rights record of torture and internment without trial of political activists in British Occupied Ireland. Many visitors have also cancelled their visits to London in the Summer, with reports of hundreds of dirty underwear bombs being manufactured in Southern Yemen. There are also concerns of widespread rioting in London like last Summer when the City was ablaze.

Please pass this info on to your friends or anyone you care about, who may be visiting London, being burned or roasted alive is not a matter to be taken lightly.

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