Friday, August 3, 2012

Rules of Engagement are Changing

The Rules of Engagement are Changing

By now you have probably
read and enjoyed "Blank of Ireland ... This Way Out". It is now
likley that, in the very least, you think slightly differently about
Banks, Financial Institutions, the State and the Law.

The aim of this eBook is to get word out there to the Common
Man and Woman, about what is "really" going on, on our Island.

With this in mind, we respectfully request that you pass on and
send out the link: to as many of your
Family, Friends, Neighbours and Colleagues as is possible, and
as soon as possible.

The Powers that be ... aim to change all the rules of engagement
after this Summer, in that, the Central Bank are bringing pressure
to bear on the State and Banks to speed up the process of taking
Peoples homes, closing down business and reposessing property.

As we have seen in recent days and weeks, the State & the Justice
System have sent out a very clear message, to all in the business
and working community ... its is a message of Fear:

By purposely persecuting and locking up the Quinn family, they are
telling our Working and Business Communities, "they will be locked
up, if they try to defend themselves against the Banks, State or the
so called Justice system". Thus we are running the Lay Litigation Day.

In my opinion, what the Central Bank are attempting will not work.
Then again, if we let them continue, they WILL cotinue. This might
be the impetus that some need, to start getting on their own high-
horses, to start reacting, in a positive way, to this blatent persecution.

With that in mind, we respectfully request that you pass this message
and the link to the on to everyone that you
can possibly think of, to spread the word, of what we are teaching.

We are looking forward to seeing ye all at the "Lay Litigation Day" in the
Red Cown Inn in Dublin on the 11th. August ... just ten days from now.
For more information and booking click :

Thank you all in advance;
Des: of the family: Carty

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