Saturday, June 9, 2012


The Stormont Hotel Secret Sex Party when discovered described themselves as a " cross party of civil libertarian alternative to sectarian politics in British Occupied Ireland." A veteran campaigner on issues such as increased censorship, un-equality and more discrimination described it as a meeting for Irish political boss massages with prostate problems. Two of Occupied Ireland's largest British political parties both the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein instructed a former Olympic Gold medal winner to organize an orgy with hostesses and prostitutes for its VIP Politicians at Stormont Castle.

An investigator revealed that a certain young lady's love of water and her abilities both in and out of Olympic swimming pool attracted the attention of the organizers as someone with the ability to organize and orgy. She won several swimming medals and swims up to 40 kms a week. She also loves to play with British politician in the bath. She has shelled out over a quarter of a million Euros of taxpayer’s money on the orgy. ‘"Most of my fan base VIP British politicians and a few old rocker’s  who would be recreational drug users so what ?

A leading dissident has that both, "the DUP and Sinn Fein are political parties with policies that send their young supporters to jail for using the same substances they use at their orgies at Hotel Sormont". The spokesperson said. “This is unconscionable and an utter betrayel of the values of many of the people who put them where they are today. I call on all of of these politicians to repudiate their party’s drug policies and adopt a harm minimisation drug policy that is enlightened and works so well in countries like the Netherlands".

Women were paid to have sex with Lord Muck of Londonderry and the prime minister of British Occupied Ireland dressed up in nursing and PSNI/RUC police uniforms who performed stripteases initially at the the orgy.Then some women put on a 'lesbian' show who were later joined by an intoxicated leading Sinn Fein woman and later still by a wife of a Unionist VIP. A born again who attended said, "There was plenty of alcohol and 18 prostitutes there, I had no idea it would turn out like that and these organizers assumed because of my past that I would voluntarily participate. I was forced to engage in oral sex by Lord Muck and my lawyers will pursue the matter"

"Another prostitute said that like orgies in England, the women had colour-coded arm-bands, apparently there was mix up but then there is nothing so pure as a born again whore, so you never know. One colour armband was for regular hostesses while the other was for prostitutes and white ribbon prostitutes reserved for top VIP politicians  from the DUP and Sinn Fein only." The former olympic gold medalis is named as a recruiter of the women.

According to a transcript of a  telephone tap in the file of a leading investigator a leading Loyalist is heard saying: "Lily was there with her breast out kissing the Prime Minister and Lord Muck continuously. The whole place was turned into real whorehouse. All the women were given gold Olympic rings and Queen's jubilee necklaces." In a  600 pages of filed documents, it is stated that some women constantly played and stroked themselves up and down Lord Mucks face while others sat on the faces of leading loyalist politicians wives and allowed themselves to be touched by both orangemen and Sinn Feiners behaving  both provocatively and vulgarly. The file goes on to describe how there were wardrobes with varying school uniforms of Kincora boys home and convents in Derry which the women put on to carry on stripteasing while belly dancing seductively, mostly naked and in a general lesbian style.

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