Monday, August 20, 2012

Irish Blogs Censored with Intranets by Order of MI5 British Gestapo

Irish Blogs Effectively Censored with Order of MI5 British Gestapo

I can no longer produce daily blogs, as they have  been slowed and effectively censored by intranets on the orders of the British Gestapo MI5 in Hollywood British Occupied Ireland. I have to find another means of communicating for the time being, I will try occasionally to update it. I recommend Information Clearing House:   as a reliable source of accurate information.I had hoped that the pen is mightier than the sword and that the 'Peace Process" in Ireland would be given a chance. The return of internment without trial and totalitarian censorship exclude all peaceful opposition to British occupation in Ireland. The 'Peace Process' was sold to Ireland and the world on the basis of power sharing. Unless PSF secretly support internment without trial and totalitarian censorship, a "Peace Process" without die Process is meaningless, where all opposition is censored, interned or assassinated.

Brief updates can be found at Twitter and Twitpic. I thank everyone who supported the blogs, read them and re-tweeted them.           

Many recognize MI5 and MI6, some MI9. All these are services of Military Intelligence. Here they are, organised, as they were during WW2:

MI 1 Administration.
MI 2 Information on Middle and Far East, Scandinavia, USA, USSR, Central and South America. MI 3 Information on Europe and the Baltic Provinces (plus USSR, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia after Summer 1941).
MI 4 Geographical section - maps (transferred to Military Operations in April 1940).
MI 5 Liaison with Security Service. Some Portuguese Axis controlled spies where caught in the UK by MI 5.
MI 6 Liaison with SIS. Section V of MI 6 had an office in Lisbonduring WW2.
MI 7 Press and propaganda (transferred to Ministry of Information in May 1940).
MI 8 Signals interception and communications security.
MI 9 Escaped British PoW debriefing, escape and evasion (plus enemy PoW interrogation until December 1941). There was a station of MI 9 in Lisbon during WW2.
MI 10 Technical Intelligence world-wide.
MI 11 Military Security.
MI 12 Liaison with censorship organisations in Ministry of Information, military censorship.
MI 13 Not Used.
MI 14 Germany and German-occupied territories (aerial photography until Spring 1943).
MI 15 Aerial photography (in Spring 1943 aerial photography moved to the Air Ministry and MI 15 became air defence intelligence).
MI 16 Scientific Intelligence (formed 1945).
MI 17 Secretariat for Director of Military Intelligence (from April 1943).
MI 18 Not Used.
MI 19 Enemy PoW interrogation (formed from MI9 in December 1941).
MI (JIS) Axis planning staff.
MI L (R) Russian Liaison.
MI L Attachés.

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