Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Animals are spiritually aware, sensitive to energy fluctuation of both emotional and cerebral intelligence, who are completely underestimated by insensitive humans, who are the earth's worst killers. Many animal species are highly evolved souls, who experience life in animal bodies, with far more wisdom and spiritual clarity, than most humans. Animals can enhance our relationship with all life, which is vital in our individual journey into more evolved vibrations, where cruelty of any kind does not exist. Without the spiritual awakening of those dedicated to improving the lives of animals, we cannot as a species make progress to the fourth dimension.

Dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rabbits, chickens, etc., deserve respect and honour in our daily life. They have a vibration of high frequency love, which they share unconditionally. We can all experience this depth of love and caring from animals. They can touch everyone with their sweetness, sensitivities, loving eyes and warm souls. We can all experience daily the abundance they bring, with mutual devotion.The English are generally known for their relatively good standards of animal care. They also have a code of laws with considerable animal rights.

However the Tories want war again in Ireland, to further develop their industrial war complex. Currently in London 2012, animals have far more rights than humans and its not just the Irish. Britain blasted the Beijing Olympic's for their human rights record. The fact is, Britain's human rights record is far, far worse. They engineered a holocaust, that ethnically cleansed Ireland of 6 million of its people. Ireland was their first colony as they invaded most of the world like pirates with barbarity and savagery, on a scale China is not remotely guilty of. Britain's endless blood thirsty wars, have been on a scale that animals are far too evolved to contemplate.

Strange then as the Olympics of London 2012 descend upon us, that England has dumped their centuries old Magna Carta, with their spooky rulers now having the power, to shred without investigation their majesty's royal  prerogatives and overrule her judiciary with scorn, while ignoring the former human rights protections of habeas corpus writs. Strange that such a civilized people also ignore international human rights. Marian Price being but one of hundreds, kidnapped, tortured and interned without trial, often in solitary confinement for years on end in British Occupied Ireland.

Britain has already been found guilty of torture with internment in British Occupied Ireland and promised to cease their brutality but they are at it again, giving the finger to a peace process, hellbent with daily human rights abuses, designed to provoke the Irish and others into retaliation. It's big business all round, with swollen bureaucratic budgets and an arms industry needing to showcase and test their big toys for the small boys of their commonwealth natives. Ask immigrants, ask Julian Assange, currently hiding from the British injustice system, holed up in the Ecuador Embassy, with Britain refusing to grant him the same human rights afforded to the Chinese dissident recently, in the American embassy.

Meanwhile you are asked by people who love peace with justice in British Occupied Ireland, to Boycott Olympic London 2012

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