Friday, November 18, 2011

The Responsibility of Provisional Sinn Fein Leadership To Their IRA Cannon Fodder

The Responsibility of Provisional Sinn Fein Leadership To Their IRA Cannon Fodder:

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For several years the BBC World Service had a community of many thousands of football fans, who paid an annual compulsory license fee and who chatted among themselves about their football. To these fans it is called the beautiful game, a community game, an international game, where people compete, banter, use colourful language to celebrate a peaceful rivalry, played out all over the world and once every four years in the World Cup.Most of these fans chatted long and hard in the tradition of their colourul working class language of their clubs, with a passion and emotion, that was their heritage of close to a hundred and fifty years. Their loves, hates and angst played out in a healthy harmless outlet or rant form. This tradition stemmed from hundreds of years of factory workers, mine workers etc., escaping the hard monotonous grind of their weekly work life, in a football escape every weekend, where they paid their hard earned cash to support THEIR local club in a celebration of football passion, that was a healthy release in often really difficult lives.These fans paid every year a hefty license, to finance the British Broadcasting Corporation, which is compulsory if they own a TV. This is obligatory and the alternative is a prison sentence, whether they watch the BBC or not.In 2006 against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of these fans, the BBC disbanded this community of BBC 606 chatters to replace it instead, with a platform of paid football pundits, professional football spin doctors, with the now privatized football industry, making fortunes in a new sanitized commercial game, alien and plastic, to the ordinary people who financed, built and supported these clubs. Despite considerable protest and pleadings the community of club members and chatters was destroyed by the BBC with complete disregard to these football fans wishes. The traditional BBC 606 chat format, enabled spontanious, emotional chat, where foorball relationships developed, where communities engaged with its members values, where spelling or state education was secondary to passionate football and the characters of spirit that evolved as a result.At this time, the BBC censored up to half the contributions made to its 606 foorball boards and continues to carry out this censorhip irrespective of its license paying clients wishes, who pay their salaries. Meanwhile the international corporate interests started to colonize the game with its huge worldwide advertizing revenues, alongside a new sanitized format of what was traditionally a working class game.This is a record of ongoing satirical contributions censored with articles protesting the censorship by the BBC World Service. Meanwhile the BBC broadcasts its corporate culture into almost every working class community and country in the world. Yet it basically censors most of the important feedback and protest from these communities and countries without any respect for their values. Yes they will tell you of a process of complaint but it absolutely superficial and simply a more bureaucratic form of censorship.
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