Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Cead Mile Failte, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

AllVoicesAllIrish InternationalShare Yesterday at 4:30am | Edit Note | DeleteAllVoicesAllIrish International; A group for all of the 70 million, of the Irish diaspora, scattered around the planet. Anyone remotely connected with Ireland is very welcome !. Cead Mile failte.

We are not allied with any sect denomination or creed.Our purpose is to unify the Irish international voice, to express itself without censorship or hindrance and to organize ourselves in the social media with contactable, facebook, twitter or Google buzz accounts where in the future we can contact each other and by mutual general agreement, we can express the international Irish voice with clarity and a reasonable degree of unity.My own personal reasons for starting this group are, that I have taken a particular interest in Irish people around the world, who have been particularly badly treated, without a voice to speak for them. Rachel Corrie a young American Irish cailin, was murdered by the Zionists in Palestine and some Irish peace activists have been brutalized, trying to bring humanitarian aid through the Gaza blockade.

While the Zionists are well organized in the States to lobby for their people, the Irish are not. We need a voice for the millions of Irish people worldwide. This page is meant to be a platform for your cause , no matter what it is without censorship, other than racism, commercialism, religion, sexism or violent bullying, feel free to use it. You are very welcome, we need to get organized, because I have experienced considerable censorship by the Zionist and British media, when I try to raise these issues in a reasonable way.

Connecting facebook, twiitter and Google buzz accounts in an organized way, would be a good step forward to lobby internationally for an Irish voice. For example when the MV Rachel Corrie was arrested by Israel I wanted to lobby the American Government but could not find any Irish body organized anything like Aipac. Neither could I contact the millions of Irish people worldwide,because I met with a wall of Zionist and British censorship, who do not want these issues to be discussed in the States. If we are to resolve these issues peacefully, it is essential that censorship is not allowed and that we can freely and peacefully organize, to make our voice heard. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our dissenter and dissident Irish brethern, I hope to learn from some of your contributions with reasonable civilized arguments perhaps.

I need your help to make this work. Its time irish people allover the world started to stick together and be a little more organized like other successful tribes. This just a brief outline I would appreciate any suggestions we could discuss to move this forward.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh a chairde,
brian O'cleirgh

AllVoicesAllIrish International Please feel free to rant or say whatever you need to say !
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